Every month, a point person from each client team at Momentum presents their monthly social media statistics for the accounts they manage on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  These statistics, which include engagement, impressions, retweets, likes, etc. are discussed and goals are created to improve them each month. At this month’s meeting, we understood the following four points to be key takeaways:

  1. Tag Writers

Writers want their work to be shared on social media just as much as you want your client to be shared on social media! Tag writers when posting an article of theirs to not only increase your social engagement but to hopefully develop a future relationship with them.

  1. Quality > Quantity

This applies to posts and followers. You want your client’s social media pages to have clear themes and messages relayed through concise posts. Their pages should be a reliable and informative source for their followers by presenting them with consistent content that relates to their brand. In relation to followers, you want an organic group that you can rely on to engage and share your content.

  1. Platform Specificity

Be sure to customize your content for each platform. What works on Twitter will not get the same results on Facebook or Instagram. Cater to the strengths of each outlet such as making a short point on Twitter or developing a post around an image for Instagram. And no, you do not HAVE to use all 280 characters on Twitter now.

  1. Twitter Chats

Participate in Twitter chats! This is your chance to directly engage with others on the platform and have your client’s voice be heard.  It is a great way to interact with potential followers and highlight what your client is passionate about.