What social issues are worth a status or post on social media?

In 2012, Oreo was one of the first brands to cause controversy in showing support for a gay cause. They posted a rainbow-stuffed cookie on Facebook in support of the annual Pride events. While over 157,000 people liked it, the post also caused outcries of boycotting the famous cookie.

With just one opinionated Facebook post, the brand was able to help shape who they are and what Oreo stands for. This pushed the brand to be more purposeful and mission-focused instead of just about the products they sell.

When it comes to mission-driven organizations like those we serve at Momentum, their members and stakeholders expect them to comment on relevant issues and share their values through communications. The difference between the two is often money, status, and a larger audience. There is a quote by Martin Luther King Jr., the American minister and activist, “The ultimate measure of a (person) is not where (they) stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but where (they) stand at times of challenge and controversy.”

So, to post or not to post? A non-profit should ask, does the issue closely relate to our mission and will people be expecting a comment from us? As a brand, what will be the measure to which you want to be held?