Jim Miller

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Trained as an actor, Jim parlayed his talent for persuasion and storytelling into a career as an award-winning PR strategist, writer and entrepreneur. He launched Momentum Communications Group in 2012 to bring a new way of thinking to nonprofit and education communications. He lives with his husband and son in northern New Jersey.

In the Media

Byline: Jim wrote the book, Cigar Family: A 100-Year Journey in the Cigar Industry (Forbes).
Prized Possession: He won a piece of the Death Star model featured in Return of the Jedi in a Star Wars writing contest.

Gino Colangelo

Executive Vice President

Gino is a lifelong entrepreneur, having started his first successful company at the age of 15. The combination of his love of writing and his business acumen make him a natural public relations pro. Gino has contributed chapters to a book on wine marketing and his work has been profiled in PR News. He is most content in the office, managing his teams and building business.

By the Book: Gino was a literature major in school and has never lost his love of reading great works of fiction.

Eric Katzman

Senior Account Executive
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Eric followed the offhand advice of a next-door neighbor and entered the PR industry. With a career spanning 16 years, his approach is to do the research and leave no stone unturned. He lives with his wife and two young daughters in Bayside, New York.

In the Media

Byline: Wrote “Wo-Hop: The Promised Land for the Jewish People (For Chinese Food That Is)” for City Info Magazine
Favorite Band: Blues Traveler

Lisa Quirindongo

Senior Media Strategist
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A native New Yorker, Lisa has always loved a great story. As a child, she remembers being enthralled by her many aunts who would mix humor with a sprinkle of fright when sharing episodes from their childhood in Puerto Rico. Lisa developed her inner storyteller as a student at Columbia University. After graduating, she zeroed in on a television broadcast career. As a reporter, she would often admire the PR people who were especially good at turning out media.

In the Media

Never Too Late: Lisa learned how to swim as an adult, telling all it's never too late to learn.
On Her Bookshelf: She owns over 100 cookbooks and countless food magazines.

Gwendolyn Rosen

Account Executive
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Gwendolyn weaves her upbeat energy into creating communications strategies and content for Momentum clients. After dipping her toe into the nonprofit world, she transitioned into PR at Momentum to combine her love of storytelling and passion for social change. She has two dogs, Satchmo and Frank.

Inspired By: Listening to Girlboss Radio during her commute and learning from the women leading the business world today.
Unwinds By: Going to concerts and loudly singing along (even if she doesn't know the words).

Zachary Halper

Assistant Account Executive
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Zachary knew he wanted to be a writer after reading Tolkien’s The Hobbit for the first time. He joined Momentum out of this love for storytelling and passion for nonprofits. He uses his background in creative writing and digital marketing to devise unique ways to tell each client’s story. He lives with his fiancée and two rabbits in Brooklyn.

In the Media

Bucket List: Zachary hopes to visit New Zealand one day (and not just because The Lord of the Rings was filmed there).
Favorite Star Wars Movie: Return of the Jedi

Alexandra Giambattista

Assistant Account Executive
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Before joining the team at Momentum Communications Group, Alexandra spent four years as a producer in cable television news. She worked for a variety of shows coordinating interviews and producing segments. Her experience in live breaking news afforded her the skills to work efficiently and accurately under pressure.
Her favorite segments to produce always featured celebrity chefs, wine reviews, and charity spotlights. At Momentum Communications Group, she is able to combine her passion for food, wine and charity work.

In the Media

Unwinds by: Cooking meals for friends and family, always overestimating quantity in the true fashion her italian-american roots.