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In case you missed it, Momentum recently released a “10 Step Guide to Writing and Placing Opinion Pieces for Your Nonprofit.” Download the guide here, and we’ll teach you how to come up with a great idea, write a compelling opinion piece and get it placed in the press.

Music: NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert
New Yorker Linda Diaz won this year’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert with her original song: Green Tea Ice Cream. If you’re looking for the most dreamy song to lay under the stars to, this is it.

Sports: Major League Wiffle Ball
Calling all sports fans! Join 159k Youtube subscribers and tune into Major League Wiffle Ball. We were surprised by how much we enjoyed this out-of-the-ordinary offering.

App: Track over 400 marine animals with Ocearch 
Ocearch is a nonprofit organization that helps scientists collect previously unattainable data in the ocean. It tags and tracks marine life, like sharks and turtles. Download the app to see where Great White Sharks are swimming around the East Coast!

Board Game: The Strategic Game of Winemaking
Since we can’t travel right now, we love playing this board game, Viticulture, set in Italy. Pick two characters, buy a vineyard and compete with your friends to develop the best wine around!

Website: NYC Municipal Archives
Ever wondered what your block looked like in the mid-20th century? Thanks to NYC Municipal Archives, now you can know! Search any NYC address to find a high resolution photo of what it looked like in 1940. Order prints of your building, or someone else’s, as a thoughtful gift!

Research: Arc of Narrative
Interested in how stories work? Check out Arc of Narrative: a study that analyzed thousands of fictional and nonfictional stories, mapping a universal blueprint for storytelling. It turns out common “invisible words” – like a, the, it – show up in a similar pattern across most storylines from Dickens to Spielberg.

Speech: Michelle Obama’s Words of Encouragement
Michelle Obama’s DNC speech was the perfect balance of optimism and inspiration. She spoke candidly about the pandemic, racial injustice, the upcoming election and the need for empathy. Her speech is another example of how important and impactful words can be. Request your absentee ballot early here.


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