Bulldog Reporter and The Holmes Report have announced our two newest clients, Children of Promise, NYC (CPNYC) and the New York Society for Ethical Culture (NYSEC).

CPNYC operates the first and only center in New York City that combines after-school programming, summer day camp and a mental health clinic specifically designed to serve the children of imprisoned parents. Momentum will raise awareness for CPNYC programs through a comprehensive media relations campaign.

“We are excited to partner with Momentum to help educate the public about those affected by the incarceration of a parent and share the solutions we have developed to support their needs,” said Sharon Content, Founding Executive Director and President, Children of Promise, NYC.
NYSEC is an historic institution that has played a central role in the ethical life of New York and the nation since 1876, providing a welcoming community for humanists with hundreds of programs and events each year. Throughout its history NYSEC has helped create significant community institutions that have had a long-lasting effect in promoting civil society. Momentum will provide media relations support, along with website and social media consultation, to help increase NYSEC membership.

“We look forward to working with Momentum and are confident they will assist us in building widespread public awareness of the Society and its many programs among our community members and residents of New York City and beyond,” said Robert Liebeskind, Executive Director for the New York Society for Ethical Culture.


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