Siemens Foundation

Elevate the reputation of the Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology as the Nobel Prize in science at the high school level, positioning the Siemens Foundation as a national STEM education leader.

Make students’ complex science projects accessible to general audiences, tying them to relevant real-world issues.

Media train students to explain their research in layman’s terms.

Place the story in the context of national economic and education trends.

  • Reached 1.4 billion people through 600+ media stories, including five of the Top 10 daily newspapers, US News & World Report, and affiliates of all the broadcast TV networks.
  • Grand Prize winners invited to ring closing bell at New York Stock Exchange, meet President Obama at The White House.

Momentum‘s team of professionals does a phenomenal job of getting our message of STEM educational outreach out to the public. They really have a passion for what we’re doing at the Foundation and for opening doors for us through major placements and alliance opportunities.

Jeniffer Harper-Taylor

Director of Educational Outreach, Siemens Foundation