National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA)

Create a theme for NEDA’s annual awareness week to dispel pervasive stereotypes, raise awareness and change the conversation around eating disorders, body image, and diet culture.

Capitalize on a news cycle largely focused on diversity and inclusion with Come As You Are: a body acceptance pledge and social media call to action

  • Reached over 287 million people through 25 placements, including NBC News, Teen Vogue, MTV News, Allure, Yahoo!
  • Segment on NPR’s Morning Edition, America’s most popular news/talk radio show, aired on 600 stations nationally
  • 60 percent of coverage mentioned the campaign by name
  • 84 percent drove the audience to a call to action
  • 64 percent drove the audience to NEDA’s website


Momentum took the time to deeply understand the culture of eating disorders and master our voice. I’m extremely impressed with their ability to turn around valid, interesting content for media outlets and guide us on social media best practices and trends.

Jennifer Solar

Director of Communications, National Eating Disorders Association