Knowles Science Teaching Foundation

Advocate for strong STEM teachers by spotlighting successful practices and advancing the national dialogue on the importance of keeping talented teachers in the profession.

Empower KSTF fellows as education leaders and advocates through local and national media opportunities.

Invite reporters into math and science classrooms to tell a powerful story of teachers’ transformative effect on students.

Place opinion pieces and bylines that put teacher preparation and retention on the national agenda.

  • Reached 201 million people through 191 print, online and broadcast media placements, including Bloomberg Radio, USA Today, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune.
  • Swell of positive stories impacted fellows’ attitudes towards their profession. KSTF boasts an astounding 95 percent retention rate.

Momentum came to us with a lot of experience not just in media but in the world of science and education. They knew the vocabulary, the people and the players. That was really important to us when choosing a PR partner.”

Dr. Nicole Gillespie

Executive Director, Knowles Science Teaching Foundation