When I tell you I’m part of #GenZ, you might picture me on my phone, scrolling through Instagram, Snapchatting a selfie, or making a TikTok. The fact that I’m an intern at a PR agency that specializes in nonprofit organizations may not fit the common conception. 

Generation Z is made up of those born between 1995 and the mid 2000’s. Many of us are starting to enter the workforce, and our dream jobs are hard to find. Yes, it would be incredible to sit at home on social media all day and get paid for it, but many of us have career aspirations that involve us getting up and making a difference in the world. In fact, 65% of Gen Z want to personally create something world-changing.

I am a strong believer in using social media as a tool to enact positive change. News travels fast on these apps and the potential to build awareness is immense. It gives organizations a chance to be seen by more people, and therefore help more people. I’ve always thought the perfect job would be doing social media for nonprofits, so that I can help bring awareness to topics that truly matter, with the help of my social media-savvy mind. I never would have thought it would be part of my internship at 21 years old, but Momentum Communications Group has given me this opportunity. Momentum is dedicated to working with nonprofits, which is part of what makes them a dream company for Gen Z. 77% of Gen Z want to work where a business makes “doing good” a priority,and after all, Momentum is built on doing good. 

Gen Z has the momentum to change the world, and we will by finding places like Momentum Communications Group where we can channel our generational gifts to do so.