When I first joined the Momentum team, I was anxious to see the kind of experience I would have here. If entering an award-winning agency at the “wisened” age of 19 wasn’t intimidating enough, it was my first major internship at a company that was not a start-up. I nervously took notes on my pad as I took in much welcomed first-week onboarding presentations. It was new to hear “Do you have any questions?” and receive explanations for every task. I couldn’t believe how much everyone cared about the work they did and the passion they had for education. Could this possibly be true?

I began assembling projects that were directly contributing to the success of the team, like reporting important updates in news roundups or compiling media lists for press outreach. I felt a genuine fulfillment coming into work. Enjoying your “career” as a college junior, who would have ever thought that was possible?

By the end of the month my coworkers were sending me videos of their wedding anniversary and thanking and crediting me for drafts of pitches. My more experienced counterparts found time they probably did not have just to explain the simplest question, and my notes were full of years of desired insight into public relations and nonprofit work. I was learning on the job, and my team was more concerned with what they could do for me than what I could do for them.

Did I mention I get to go to work dressed up for Halloween?