As PR professionals, we’re very reliant on the media to get great coverage for our clients. And with Thanksgiving just around the corner, the Momentum team got together to list the media outlets for which they are most thankful.

Jim Miller: I’m going to have to go with an obvious choice: The New York Times. There’s just no other news source I consult more regularly on such a wide range of topics. Here’s to the newspaper of record!

Gwen Rosen: I’m thankful for OZY. Not only do I appreciate their creative content (and that Dwight was included in some of that content this summer), but I really appreciate how transparent their team is. They have thorough bios for all of their writers, which really helps me get to know who I pitch and take the conversation out of “I need you to write something for me!

Zach Halper: I’m most thankful for Vice. Not only did they create an incredible article on NYsferatu, but they have a wealth of fascinating articles every day on a wide range of topics.

Victoria Dellacava: I’m thankful for Crooked Media podcasts (like “Pod Save America” and “Lovett or Leave It”), The Skimm for keeping me informed during my (now much shorter) commute and for Teen Vogue for including Deni Fraser from Lavelle in a phenomenal piece on sex ed and disabilities.

Alec Mateo: I’m most thankful for The Intercept, for providing political content I feel I can trust. Their unwavering commitment to their cause is inspirational to me as a communications professional, and I hope to see them succeed into the future.

Kylee Tsuru: I’m thankful for morning news briefs from CNN, theSkimm and Ozy especially. They get me digestible news I need to know when I’m in a rush (every single morning).