• Specifically timed content pushed out through the right medium is the next trend in education technology. – Forbes
  • Globalization has increased the need for American citizens to obtain higher-skilled jobs, in order to remain competitive across the world. – The Wall Street Journal
  • The Cradle Through College Coalition is pressuring lawmakers to implement policies that target funding for early learning and college students, not just K-12. – The Seattle Times
  • Although computer occupations are one of the fastest growing fields, 1.3 million jobs are still projected to be unfilled by 2022 due to lack of access to coding education. – The Mercury News
  • Major shifts are happening in the classrooms of America, with emphasis put on learning for the ‘information economy’. – Forbes


  • Conflicts of interest between funders and researchers have caused an outcry among the scientific community, who have alerted nonprofits to emphasize conflict-free research going forward. – Nonprofit Quarterly
  • donates $30 million to help nonprofits buy the tech they need. – TechCrunch
  • The Diversity in Philanthropy Project was created in 2007 to help increase diversity in nonprofit foundations, but recent studies have shown that there is still room for major improvement. Nonprofit Quarterly
  • 77% of millennials indicated that they’d be more likely to volunteer if they could use a specific skill or expertise to benefit a cause. – The Nonprofit Times
  • Employees across all sectors have an increasing desire to know that their time and effort at work is making a tangible, positive difference in the world. – The Huffington Post