• A new study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research concluded that increased funding does improve educational outcomes. – The New York Times
  • ‘Extended adolescence’, in which children over 18 are relying on their parents financially is contributing to the increasing income and wealth gap among the younger generation. – PhysOrg
  • Virtual reality may be a replacing field trips and science experiments. – University Herald
  • Californians worry that a higher education at a public university in California may soon be unattainable due to increasing costs. – The New York Times
  • 2017 education technology trends include virtual reality, predictive analytics, and predictive learning. – Educators


  • Storytelling is one of the most important marketing trends because of its ability to evoke emotion and connect with donors resulting in engagement and active support. – Forbes
  • As volunteers serving vulnerable populations increase, so do the background checks. – Associations Now
  • The idea of a ‘suggested amount’ donation is questioned for its effectiveness. – Nonprofit Quarterly
  • Some of the nation’s largest museums, including The Smithsonian, are resuming multi-million dollar projects that were halted during the Great Recession in the mid 2000’s. – The Nonprofit Times
  • Leadership retreats can help solidify relationships among board members and organizations. – The Nonprofit Times