• Following the path of Obama’s Computer Science for All initiative, 3,076 schools in 39 states have signed the CSforAll Consortium pledging to offer computer science education courses. – Education World
  • Singapore, a country two thirds the size of New York City, is leading the ranks in global education. – Quartz
  • Preparing students for employment precedes college; it starts at the base level — grade school. – Observer
  • With artificial intelligence being such a prominent part of society, some argue that the education system needs to steer students in the direction of self-learning and adaptability in order to keep up. – TechCrunch
  • As demographics change, colleges will have to implement new methods for recruiting and retaining the ever-changing student body population. – The Chronicle of Higher Education


  • A business venture tied to a nonprofit can create jobs, bring in money, and earn community satisfaction. – Youth Today
  • With almost $400 billion donated to charity from wealthy American donors and foundations, a top-heavy philanthropy division is forming. – NPR
  • Using data and mobile technology to understand and connect with donors will increase nonprofit donations. – BizTech
  • It is important to have business, ethics, and consumer education in alignment when creating a social enterprise. – CNBC
  • Proven to be a successful marketing tool for companies and brands, Snapchat can help nonprofits appeal to a larger audience, promote their cause, and fundraise. – Nonprofit Quarterly