• With a changing economy and robots replacing human technical skills, the education system needs to alter its environment, in order to best prepare students for life after school. – Forbes
  • Although federal government has little direct control over local science curricula, climate-change education is still in dangerous standing under the new presidency. – NPR
  • Foreign students are helping Australia’s international education system reach the third-biggest earner spot in the country. – Inside Higher Ed
  • In order to help make higher education more accessible, the Department of Education is experimenting with a program that will give $5 million in Pell Grants to students enrolled in non-traditional programs. – Forbes
  • Unicycles are taking over schools in Japan, as a way of instilling independence in kids. – Business Insider


  • With the wealthy giving more and the non-wealthy giving less, there are winners and losers of charities receiving donations. – Nonprofit Quarterly
  • As wealth inequality increases, so have mega-donor gifts, leaving people to wonder about the motives behind the donations. – U.S. News & World Report
  • Women’s changing roles in society have accelerated them to the forefront of charitable giving. – The NonProfit Times
  • Applying digital mobility to nonprofits will give these organizations the edge they need to successfully fundraise. – BizTech
  • Volunteering trends in the older population (64+) have increased over the past 40 years. – Nonprofit Quarterly