• Non-profit public and private colleges and universities are passing their interest payment debts on to their students, with only an average 25% of it going towards instructional classroom investments. – Fortune
  • In response to the ITT Technical Institute loan scan
    dal, the Education Department is finally taking action to help students stuck with debt and displaced by the for-profit institution. – The Washington Post
  • South African students protest for free education, but education minister Blade Nzimande says it is unrealistic and impossible. – Houston Chronicle
  • Ed-tech startups are creating an environment where students lead their personalized learning and teachers are facilitating through data-driven analytics and visual content. – The Economic Times
  • With the election right around the corner, Trump and Clinton are at odds when it comes to education (and everything else), with Clinton proposing free tuition for certain qualified applicants and Trump adamantly opposing. – USA


  • Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF), a non-profit organization that provides educational programs for marginalized youth and women is now focusing on bringing technology education to girls in Nigeria who are at risk or have survived human trafficking. – Yahoo News
  • A new app titled There is Hope strives to reduce the suicide rate by relying on a self-assessment prevention app that guides users through questions and then connects them to a crisis hotline. – Baltimore Sun
  • HandsOn, a nonprofit organization that provides housing and quality of life to those who are legally blind, hearing impaired, and suffer from a third disability, was on the verge of shutting its doors for good when Mission Road Ministries stepped in to help. – San Antonio Express News
  • As new overtime rules creep up, nonprofit organizations need to decide if they will be able to keep all their employees and clients or if these new laws will force them to downsize. – Nonprofit Quarterly
  • Instead of having old, worn out fire hoses thrown into landfills, nonprofit organization Hose2Habitat is recycling them into toys and beds for animals in zoos, sanctuaries, and wildlife rehabilitation centers. – NBC Washington.