• In collaboration with President Obama’s plan to make two years of community college free, the U.S. Department of Education released America’s College Promise Playbook that outlines actions and strategies to be implemented in communities across the country in order to continue the success of the program. – U.S Department of Education
  • Students, teachers, and politicians rally for equal school funding in the state of Pennsylvania; they say funding is distributed unfairly based on location and socioeconomic status. – The Inquirer Daily News (Philly)
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is forcing Bridgepoint Education to forgive $24 million in loan debt that they deceptively charged their students. – The Washington Post
  • Apple’s new app called Swift Playgrounds introduces middle school students to the world of coding while prepping them for a future in the tech industry and securing product loyalty. – The New York Times
  • Parent Herald says education technology, the latest trend in contemporary education, is now considered mainstream. – Parent Herald


  • Nonprofit groups are aiding Syrian refugees by providing them with recycled smartphones. –Nonprofit Quarterly
  • Integrating Silicon Valley improvement and development strategies, like networking and streamlining, can increase efficiency in nonprofits. – Forbes
  • Amid traffic and housing concerns associated with office growth, Facebook promotes their brand by continuing to fund local nonprofits near their Northern California headquarters. – The Mercury News
  • The nonprofit group Playworks uses team-building and cooperation exercises to create a more productive recess among elementary school students. – The Atlantic
  • Traci Donnelly, CEO of The Child Center of NY, says governments should put larger investments into nonprofits now in order to ensure an increased payoff in the future. – Crain’s New York Business