• Charter schools continue to replace the union-dominated school board model, and have been shown to be an especially effective model for poor and minority students. – The Wall Street Journal
  • After agreeing last year that all children should be able to receive free primary and secondary education by the year 2030, the UN now estimates that the deadline will be missed by roughly 50 years. – The Huffington Post
  • Recent college graduates compare the benefits and shortcomings of their various public, private, and community colleges. –NPR
  • An opinion article by an education professional argues that parents should have the option of government-funded early education to increase a child’s brain growth. –Newsweek
  • A school in Massachusetts is implementing longer school days in exchange for no homework to combat student’s underperformance. – Fox News


  • Beginning in December of 2016, nonprofit organizations are now subject to the same overtime regulations as commercial businesses. – Sun Herald
  • Hotel booking website Kind Traveler is offering hotel room discounts for those who donate ten dollars a night or more to charity. – Seattle Times
  • The upcoming election sparks concerns from nonprofits who say that the next president and Congress could cut into their tax benefits. –Washington Examiner
  • Colin Kaepernick, quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, pledges to donate $1 million to charity following his national anthem protests. –NBC News
  • United Nations Secretary General notes the importance of philanthropic efforts, saying that investing in charity is the best way to ensure a better future. –UN News Centre