• 300 colleges, including Brooklyn College, have created food pantries to help combat the “food insecurity”
    problem that is occurring on campuses across the country. – The New York Times
  • Professors and administrators at American University believe that the Labor Department and higher education need to collaborate to create high-value internship opportunities. – The Huffington Post
  • With the world transitioning to an age of cyberspace but only a quarter of k-12 schools offering computer science courses, America needs to start investing more in STEM education. –The Washington Times
  • Some law schools are creating hybrid and online courses in order to attract more students. – The New York Times
  • Neuroscientists are researching the type of impact music education has on overall academic performance.- Education Week


  • Two fundraising professionals explain seven possible problems that can taint a nonprofit organization. – The NonProfit Times
  • Americans are worried about the ethics involved with the Clinton Foundation and favoritism to donors. – BusinessInsider
  • A Midwestern symphony orchestra is helping to unlock memories of those suffering from dementia and other brain related illnesses and injuries. – Nonprofit Quarterly
  • 88 year old Doris Buffett rifles through thousands of letters to decide who will be the recipients of a fraction of the Warren Buffett fortune. – Boston Globe
  • Celebrity divorces could mean big donations for charities and nonprofit organizations. – The NonProfit Times