• Associate salaries at big law firms are increasing and for the lucky top gradua
    tes, this makes law school a good investment. – The New York Times
  • The systematic under-investment of the preschool workforce has real consequences for underprivileged children. – The Nation 
  • Millions of black and Hispanic students in U.S. schools simply aren’t taught to read well enough to flourish academically. – The Wall Street Journal
  • Berlin school lets pupils decide which subjects they want to study and there are no grades until students turn 15. – The Guardian
  • New funding model for investors will improve the quality of girls’ education in India. – The Huffington Post


  • Facebook is releasing a tool allowing users to fundraise on behalf of their nonprofit organization. – TechCrunch
  • Nonprofit expert Dan Pallotta says only fundraising has the ability to create more money, not just for programs, but for other level of capacity building as well. –HBR
  • The House voted to prevent the IRS from requiring nonprofit organizations to include information of donors in yearly returns. – The Washington Times
  • Sophisticated hackers are targeting nonprofits because of their mission. – The Nonprofit Times
  • Many feel as though Boston has become saturated with too many nonprofits offering similar services and spreading donation dollars too thin. – The Boston Globe