• Only 20 states mandate that high school students take economics.- NBC
  • A majority of Republican presidential candidates want states to have power over education. –The Washington Post
  • Education may be inspiring, but many feel that it doesn’t prepare them for jobs.- Forbes
  • Bernie Sanders believes that schools should teach their students about sex.- Observer
  • Access to education is a growing issue for Syrian refugees.- BBC


  • Business schools are increasingly recognizing the importance of MBA’s in the nonprofit world.- Chicago Tribune
  • At non-profit hospitals, a high ranking positively correlates to a high paycheck for CEOs. –International Business Times
  • College scholarship programs sound promising in theory, but the reality might be another story.-The New York Times
  • This month, a smartphone app for caregivers and families of special needs persons will be launched.- Nonprofit Quarterly
  • YouTube may be the next big fundraising platform. – Android Community