• The U.S. Department of Education is investing in California’s future artists, with a two-year $500,000 grant for arts education at struggling California preschools. – KPCC
  • Some say technology may be doing more harm than good by distracting students, decreasing teacher interaction and wasting time with technical failures. – The Washington Post
  • Federal data reveals per-pupil education spending varies a great deal across the U.S., indicating a widening gap  among the nation’s poorest and most affluent school districts. – The Washington Post
  • The number of young U.S. households with education debt has more than doubled in the past two decades. – Brookings
  • Health insurer Anthem understands the importance of a good education. In fact, the company is encouraging employees to get an associate or bachelor’s degree for FREE.  – Portland Press Herald


  • Nonprofit advisor Bridgespan Group asks: “What would happen if every employee younger than 25 suddenly vanished?” –The Nonprofit Times
  • B2Bs could learn a lot from nonprofits, including how to approach donors and important communications strategies. – Business 2 Community
  •  Why nonprofit boards should look very different than for-profit boards. – Associations Now
  • Foundation Center reveals less than 2 percent of foundation money goes toward age related programs, making America’s aging population an important topic for nonprofits to consider. – The Chronicle of Philanthropy 
  • Changing millennial information consumption habits are just as important to nonprofits as they are to for-profits. – Nonprofit Quarterly