• 10.9 million American children were living below the federal poverty line in 2013, up 6 percent from 2000, according to new federal statistics. – The Washington Post
  • Study abroad experiences have become a must-have for your resume as executives search for employees ready to navigate a global economy. –The Chronicle of Higher Education 
  • Science curricula vary greatly across the U.S., despite the collaboration of 26 states to create the Next Generation Science Standards. – GreenBiz
  • Jeb Bush calls for “radical transformation’’ and higher standards of education. –USA Today Politics 
  • The U.S. Hispanic population is making education a priority as high school drop out rates fall and college enrollment increases. – Pew Research Center


  • The British government is now paying nonprofits via social impact bonds to reduce healthcare costs for the U.K. – Fast Company 
  • D.C. companies prove profits and charity can mix. – BISNOW
  • Baby Boomer CEO gives advice to future nonprofit administrators including building community trust, keeping overhead costs low and focusing on human capital. – Nonprofit Quarterly 
  • Bluetooth beacon technology is a nonprofit’s best friend. – Tech Co.
  • Make the world a better place! Choose a career in the third-largest segment of the U.S. workforce – nonprofits. – Fast Company