Education News:

  • New report predicts the U.S. graduation rate will reach its goal of 90% by 2020.
  • As the economy goes up, college enrollment comes down. New data shows falling enrollment at community colleges and for-profit schools.
  • College is becoming cheaper! Student loan rates from the federal government will see lower interest rates for the 2015-2016 school year.
  • School bullying is declining. Survey shows only 22% of teens reported having been bullied in 2013.

Nonprofit News:

  • What fundraising method helps engage donors? Study shows all generations prefer radio or TV ads.
  • Homeless children are twice as likely to repeat a grade or drop out of high school. Nonprofit School on Wheels believes one-on-one tutoring can change that.
  • New web domain available for all nonprofits! .NGO and .ONG gives NGOs the ability to be found by donors and raise funds directly.
  • Saving lives is just a click away. Facebook’s donate button raised more than $15 million in one week for earthquake victims in Nepal.