Education News:

  • Minnesota Senators pass a higher education bill that offers free community college to qualified high school graduates.
  • Is the blended learning strategy really helping K-12 students? Researchers say there is no definitive evidence.
  • Are schools wasting food by serving breakfast in classrooms? Parents find it offensive and argue that it takes away from learning time.
  • According to research on autistic students, 80% do not complete a college degree. Universities are starting to create new environments and encourage these students to succeed.

Nonprofit News:

  • Men show competitive behavior when they donate. New study finds that men tend to give more when an attractive woman asks and other men are giving.
  • How do you spend your money? Recent study shows that millennials give the least amount of donations per year to the fewest organizations because they want to spend their money wisely.
  • More than 4 million people die each year from health problems linked to inhaling pollutants from stoves that burn wood, biomass or coal. EcoZoom plans to change that.
  • Buying shoes just got a lot cheaper. The Shoe that Grows was invented to give adjustable, durable shoes to those who can’t afford them.

Social Media News: