Education News:

  • Countries aren’t reaching their global education goals. UNESCO calls for an additional $22 billion a year to make sure goals are met.
  • New literacy program targets struggling readers. New Mexico Governor signed a bill allowing formerly failing schools to continue K-3 Plus!
  • What does your classroom look like? Studies show classroom designs have an impact on student’s success.
  • Student engagement is key to a good education. Gallup Education research shows that if staff and students feel recognized for their strong points, they will feel more engaged at school and their academics improve.

Nonprofit News:

  • What will it take to get a nonprofit job in 2020? Fast Company tells us how the future of hiring is changing.
  • The United States ranks 16th in the world on social progress, with two of the most underperforming areas being “personal safety and “health and wellness.”
  • Minimum wage increase = fear for nonprofits. Los Angeles Mayor is planning to increase the wage from the state minimum of $9 an hour to $13.25 by 2017.
  • 2015 has already seen multiple legislative proposals that could impact exempt nonprofit organizations.

Social Media News:

  • New survey suggests that Facebook is still most preferred social media platform among teenagers.
  • Twitter revamps how users can “retweet” with quote button.
  • How can old-school nonprofits be social media savvy? They need to rethink their brand!
  • New study says 92% of teens go online daily, whereas 24% of teens go online “almost constantly.”