Education News:

  • According to latest reports, U.S. students are graduating from high school at a higher rate than ever before.
  • Retirement is taking on a new meaning. New study finds that nearly three of every five working retirees say retirement was an opportunity to shift to a different line of work.
  • Fact vs. Threat.” As more parents refuse standardized tests for their children, administrators increases their threats on students.
  • An economic simulation shows that a big increase in education levels would increase incomes, but not change measures of overall inequality.

Nonprofit News:

  • Selfies aren’t the only thing that’s trending on Facebook. Nonprofit Rice Bowls won Facebook’s Social Good App of the Year for their app Hunger Crunch, which has raised money to feed over 1,700 children in 54 orphanages around the world.
  • 578,424 people were homeless on a single night in January 2014. Federal funding for programs fighting homelessness is at its highest level ever with a targeted spending of $4.5 billion.
  • What are you doing with your spare time? Omar Shekhey, CEO and President of nonprofit Somali American Community Center (SACC), drives a taxi and donates his money to refugees.
  • Recent survey shows nearly 73% of charities met fundraising goals during 2014, and 63% saw growth in funds raised. Keep up the good work!

Social Media News: