• Half of U.S. nonprofits plan on creating new positions this year, even outpacing the private sector, according to a recent Nonprofit HR report. The nonprofit industry will continue to grow as charitable giving rises and the economy recovers. The Huffington Post
  • The new Blackbaud report shows significant increases in digital philanthropy, compared to traditional donation methods. Since 2014, online giving has increased 8.9%. Nonprofit Quarterly
  • Fundraising in the 21st century will require a differentiated approach tailored to various interests, values, and traditions. Emmett Carson, Ph.D., president and chief executive officer of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, states, “As people of color become majorities in communities across America, successful nonprofit organizations will need to have a diverse donor base to sustain and grow their operations.” The Nonprofit Times


  • A new study shows that high-quality early childhood programs can reduce the number of children diagnosed with certain learning disabilities by third grade. The Washington Post
  • A public elementary school in Manhattan has done away with homework to create opportunities for students and their families to engage in activities that research has proven to benefit academic and social-emotional success in the elementary grades. NY Magazine
  • America’s wealthiest and best-educated young adults still lag behind their peers in other countries in literacy, numeracy, and computer-age problem-solving skills, which could lead to long-term difficulty for the U.S. Education Week
  • Lawmakers are looking to hold colleges more accountable for the outcomes of their students. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 30 states already have adjusted their higher education funding formula to include performance-based measures. Education Dive
  • Illinois schools are sticking to paper-and-pencil exams on this year’s spring assessments for fear of digital hiccups in the testing process. Paper exams are actually more expensive than digital once one factors in all of the packing and shipping and delivery costs. Education Dive