1)      Twitter– The “internet’s cocktail party” as Gary Vaynerchuk has noted, is a key tool for listening and engaging with your audience. It’s easy to use the Twitter search feature to join conversations and find useful hashtags. While there are about 300 million tweets published each day, it’s fairly easy to make personal connections using Twitter. As you engage with your new connections, be sure your Twitter bio and information is polished. This makes it easy for people to connect with you.

2)      Pocket – Keeping up with newsworthy trends can become a 24/7 hour task as it takes time to read buzzworthy articles. Pocket eliminates the distraction of trying to read articles as you come across them by saving pages from websites to read later on. The best thing about this app is that it eliminates any ads from the article you read. It also allows you to download an article to read later on without an internet connection.

3)      LogMeIn – LogMeIn allows users to the ability to access their office desktop/laptop remotely. This app works perfect for professionals when an emergency arises or forget to send an important file to their email. It’s also great for team collaboration especially if co-workers are all remotely based.