“How do you get an internship?” One of the first questions any young college student asks.

However, it is important not just to take any internship, but one that you want and will learn from. As Momentum Communication Group’s intern and an aspiring professional who has held other internships in the past, I’d like to share a few tips I have learned over the last few years:

  1. Focus your energy

A lot of people start the internship application process by applying to every internship they see. They think this will give them the best chance of earning one – the more places you apply the greater your chance right? Wrong. The best strategy is to sit down and make a list of your top interests as well as what you are looking to gain from an internship. By focusing your energy on what you really want, you will not only be able to spend time producing better applications, you will bring greater passion as well.

  1. Use all of your resources

Ready to apply for that internship? Not just yet. First, you need to do some research. It is important to take time researching the company you are interest in applying for. Try to find out what they are looking for in an intern or read about the person you will be working under.  Check out the company’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and find something unique that you can bring to your application.

  1. Be yourself

Congratulations! One of the companies you applied to is interested and you have scheduled an interview. Don’t forget all that research you did early on – make sure you come prepared. But more importantly, be yourself. Don’t let any of the work you have done thus far overshadow who you are and what you can bring to the company. Take yourself beyond those written words and represent yourself as a confident person who is ready to take on that internship!

These tips may seem simple and self-explanatory but they are tried and true. Sometimes, it’s the small things that can make the biggest difference. Let us know if you these tips helped you or if you have any other tips for the aspiring professionals out there.