November is known for many different things, including Thanksgiving and Veteran’s Day, but it is also Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.

Late last month, we began working with the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) to launch their #RememberTogether campaign! #RememberTogether is a national public awareness campaign that asks the public to recreate a photo of a favorite memory to show the importance of our cherished memories and raise awareness for AFA’s free national memory screenings. These photos can be shared with our hashtag or on our website,, where you can also find a memory screening site near you.

The #RemeberTogether campaign kicked off with a guerrilla marketing event, as brand ambassadors pulled NYC-goers from the street to retake their Prom or favorite beach vacation photos with fun backdrops and props (check out the photos on!). As Momentum Communication Group’s stalwart intern, I jumped at the chance to be a brand ambassador for this amazing cause. Since this was my first time working at a guerrilla event, I learned a lot about what it takes to be a successful brand ambassador:

1. Smile. Be warm. One of the big takeaways from my work at the #RememberTogether event was always being friendly and open to people so they want to speak with you. This not only creates an easy going and relaxing vibe for the people you are introducing yourself to, but also makes the event fun for yourself and can break up some of the monotony of reciting your pitch.

2. Don’t get discouraged! You will be ignored, shot down and maybe even told off but that can’t discourage you or get you down. Like they say, if you feel defeated after the first hurdle you will never finish the race. For every ten people you speak to you may only find a handful that are willing to take a photo for the campaign. This is why it is important to pace yourself throughout the day and remember why you are here.

3. Make the event important to the people. There are several ways to get people interested during a guerrilla event. Maybe they jump at the word “Free”, which is why we gave away Sudoku booklets to all those who took photos. Maybe they have a loved one who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and want to show their support.  Think about why you would want to participate in the cause you are speaking about.

4. Lastly, and most importantly, care! If you genuinely care about the cause, company, or product you are promoting, you will exude excitement and people will feed off of it. People can quickly tell if someone is faking it; if you don’t care, why should they?

If you can combine these 4 lessons and put yourself in brand ambassador mode, you will not only have a happy client but you will have fun in the process. To learn more about the #RememberTogether campaign please visit  – and don’t forget to recreate a photo of your favorite memory!