Tell me a story.

It’s something we have all been saying in one form or another since we were very young.  The love of a good story lasts a lifetime.  It’s what drew me to reporting and what led me to a career in public relations.

As a television reporter at the ABC affiliates in New York City and Philadelphia, whether I was interviewing a mob boss, the state’s Governor, or a diner at a soup kitchen, my goal was the same: digest the information, zero in on what the viewers need to know, and transform the interview into a concise, accurate and poignant piece.

In many ways, this is what public relations professionals do but with a twist.  We examine the client’s news and zero in on the core message.  We then develop this into a story that will be appealing to the reporter and to the media outlet’s audience.

Having once been a reporter myself, I remember well the high volume of pitches I received each day. I also remember how impressed I was when PR professionals understood the challenges I faced and presented their pitches in such a way that I couldn’t resist.  The result was a win-win for everyone because at the end of the day, we all want to be able to tell a good story.  And if we can help each other achieve that outcome, it may even make for a better story.

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