• People with higher levels of education may be more likely to develop certain types of brain tumors. – Live Science
  • STEM graduates are unlikely to find employment without a solid liberal arts background that builds their communication skills. – Washington Post
  • Less than 2 percent of humanitarian aid is designated for education, yet natural disasters leave hundreds of thousands of children without school. – The Huffington Post
  • California governor successfully opposes Washington’s approach of using data to drive education. – The 74 Million
  • The growing demand for skilled talent in a technical age is evolving faster than ever before and higher education needs to adapt to these changes. – Quartz


  • OpenAI, Elon Tusks’s artificial intelligence nonprofit, is working on building robots for your home. –Business Insider
  • Although nonprofits must produce an annual salary to stay healthy, the term “nonprofit” is not ready to be abandoned. – Nonprofit Quarterly
  • Organizations are continuing to provide resources for the Orlando community in the aftermath of the shooting. – The NonProfit Times
  • A Charlotte church opens a full service nonprofit coffee shop, providing classes on entrepreneurship. – The Charlotte Observer 
  • The IRS is now publishing electronic nonprofit tax returns online on Amazon Web Services. – Nonprofit Quarterly