• U.S. universities may no longer hold the monopoly in global rankings; Asian universities are quickly catching up.- Forbes
  • A study at Stanford University found that nearly all U.S. school districts with substantial minority populations have large achievement gaps between their white and black and Hispanic students.- Stanford News
  • Sallie Mae will make private loans available to parents who want to help pay for their child’s higher education.- New York Times
  • Following a call to action from First Lady Michelle Obama, the World Bank Group announced that it would invest $2.5 billion over 5 years in education projects that directly benefit adolescent girls.- The World Bank
  • The Department of Education has asked accreditation agencies to monitor student achievement and to focus their resources on colleges and universities are considered to be “at risk”. The Washington Post



  • According to new research, seven of the ten most profitable hospitals in the United States are nonprofits.- Chicago Tribune
  • A new mobile app called LetsAllDoGood connects users with nonprofit organizations through push notifications, providing a more direct link to potential donors.- Huffington Post
  • A recent study found that black-lead nonprofit organizations struggle more than
    their white counterparts due to a severe lack of organizational resources.- Philadelphia Business Journal
  • Survey results anticipate that this year, newly created job positions at nonprofits will outnumber those created in the private sector.- Forbes
  • Google is offering $250,000 to help with the ongoing response efforts in Flint as the city recovers from the effects of a lead- contaminated water supply.- ABC News